School Website Content Tips

  1. News vs. Announcements. News section should contain news items about past events. Announcements section should contain information about future events.
  2. It is advisable to set the expiry date of Announcements to 1 day after the announced event date in order to archive expired content early on. For example, if you publish an announcement about an event happening on the 3rd of May, then the Expiry Date should be set to 4th of May.
  3. It is recommended to publish announcements about important events that are appearing in the Academic or Athletics Calendar. This will allow you to remind website visitors of important upcoming events and provide more details.
  4. Avoid using Newsletters. Newsletters are useful only when a school does not have a website. Instead, newsletter content should be published under the News, Announcements, and Calendar sections of the school’s website. Some of the disadvantages of publishing Newsletters are:
    • Newsletter files usually have a large size. Website visitors with a slow internet connection might find it difficult to download and view them.
    • Website visitors have to download the complete newsletter file even if they want to view a single piece of information.
    • Information published in News, Announcements, and Calendar sections of e-Skool reach their audience much faster than when using Newsletters. This is because creating a newsletter requires additional time in compiling the required information and for publishing it on preset periodic dates.
  5. Resize Photos to 800×600. e-Skool will automatically reduce the size of any uploaded photos to a maximum width of 800 pixels and a maximum height of 600 pixels. This will make it easier for website visitors to download published photos and view them easily. However, to maintain a high quality of your photos, it is highly recommended to resize the photos to 800 x 600 pixels using a photo editing tool, like Microsoft Office Picture Manager, before uploading them to e-Skool.
  6. Post a PDF. It’s customary that most documents posted to your school’s website should be in a Portable Document Format (PDF). Not only can you guarantee that your content won’t be misused, you can also make sure that your visitors can access the document. Using PDFs can also be a great way to maintain your brand. Always include your logo and school information within the document so that users can have your contact information handy.


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