Student Contributions to a School’s Website

More and more, we have been asked about student contributions to our partner schools’ websites. In every case, we have encouraged the school to please, JUST DO IT! Our partner schools have some of the best students, fully capable of writing great and entertaining content. And yet…student contributions remain virtually non-existent.

Our students know how to write, they are motivated to contribute to the life of the school, and perhaps most importantly, they embody much of a school’s actual character. Along with the faculty, these students are the living and breathing evidence of what is said in a school’s marketing materials.

There is a big opportunity to let students’ voices come out on school websites. By simply reviewing articles and appropriately labeling the content as both informal and student-provided, schools can let their personality shine through and literally bring all those words in your website to life.

We believe that schools that harness this potential will have some happier students and parents, better admissions and more highly trafficked websites.


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