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Hi e-Skool,

we have a problem in the organization of the Arabic teachers. once i give the permission, the teachers are able to view others. However, after a few weeks some loose the ability to view some of the designated teachers. 
for example, Hiyam S. was given permission to view Baraa J and Nazek A. After 3 weeks she couldn't view Baraa but could see Nazek. 
Please note that no Access reset was done.

This has been going on since the beginning of the year. i have redone the organization more than 4 times. i have fixed it now, but can you please check that they don't disappear again.

Thank you :)


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    e-Skool Admin

    Hi there,

    There is one small trick that you have to take care of.

    Let's say you make Teacher A the supervisor of Teacher B and Teacher C.

    If you go and make Teacher B the supervisor of Teacher of A, then Teacher A will no longer be the supervisor of B and will not be able to access Teacher B's objects.

    Best Regards,

    Alaa Hamid
    e-Skool Team

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