Access denied when publishing agenda after modification

Originally from ticket #568.

Dear Alaa

Please note that Ms. Fida Abi Karam called me to say that she is modifying the HW/Assignment and when tryong to publish, the system is giving her access denied message knowing that previosuly she was able to do so. Kindly check the issue and advise.

Note: this happened previously with another teacher and it was solved then.

Thank you,



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    This is because she has "Publish" permission on English in 7A, 8A, and 9F, while "Read/Write" on the rest of the 7,8, & 9 sections. So she will receive "Access Denied" if she tries to publish on a "Read/Write" class.

    You always need to check the security permissions of the staff member when in doubt.

    Best Regards,

    Alaa Hamid e-Skool Team

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